Friday, 8 August 2014

Still Waiting

Another week has gone by and still no moving date, although we do know that all searches have now been done.
    So for something to do I went to my sisters to make a bag, I have had the pattern for this bag for a few weeks but because my house is all in boxes I have no room to make it, I saw the bag on facebook where everyday the maker of this bag showed a different one using lovely material, she gave a link to etsy where we could buy her pattern.
The bag on the left was made by me and the one on the right was made by my sister.

Susie B

Monday, 28 July 2014

Moving House, Number 13 is it unlucky?

We have been wanting to sell our house and downsize for a few years and we finally did it in December,we had a few viewings and excepted an offer in February.
  We put an offer on a lovely bungalow which had been extended and had a good sized conservatory the only worry to me was the house was no 13!!!!!!!!!!!
    The chain wasn't very big so solicitors expected it to take about 6 weeks, well we got to 12 weeks and our buyers buyer pulled out two days before we were moving and he ignored all phone calls that were being made to ask him to change his mind.
    So all houses in chain went back on the market and luckily in less than a week our buyer sold again and everything was back on, another 4 weeks and I am still sitting here surrounded by boxes and no mention of a new moving date
Oscar and Sid have decided it would be fun to chew the boxes.
I have packed away my cardmaking, sewing and knitting things all away so when birthdays come I need to make a card I use my serif Craft Artist program and even if I say so myself have made some lovely cards.

I am also on my second striped crochet blanket inspered by the blog attic24

Maybe tomorrow I will get the phone call from the solictors to give us our moving date.

                                                      SUSIE B


Monday, 21 July 2014

My new blog page

Today I have started a new Blog page as I want to change the name and this was the easiest way to do it . My original blog was guardianangelcrafts.
  So here is my first blog under the new name:-

My daughter and I have opened an online store
      So far business is going well, my daugter has worked very hard in updating our website and advertising.
Our most popular item is a lovely mug with an initial on so much so that our suppliers ran out of stock and we have had to wait quite a while for it to come back into stock. We hopefully get our delivery later to day and will be very busy filling in all the pre orders we have had and getting them all sent out.

We also have a craft department in our website, selling wool, patterns,sewing items and card making items.
I have also started up a new facebook page showing some craft items from our website and some items that I have made  and our facebook page for our website is
    I am still a very fanatical card maker and also have got back into sewing, crocheting and knitting although most of this is on hold as they are all packed ready for moving house and that is a story for another day

   Susie B.